The idea behind this App was the possibility to provide an easy way to make notes on the Omate Truesmart™ Smartwatch display. There is no space for buttons, only the maximum space for your thoughts and ideas. You don’t have any Buttons in the main App (update will come to show Buttons if wanted), just make swipe gestures.




Supported Devices

I can tell you that 6765 different devices running from Android 2.2 up are supported and some kind of Smartwatches listed below. Not all functions are on all devices available.

  • Omate Truesmart™, Simvalley AW4xx, … please install the App direct on the Watch from Google Play™.
  • Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2
  • Samsung Gear™ 2, Samsung Gear™ 2 NEO and Samsung  Galaxy Gear™ running Tizen™, get the App from Samsung Gear Apps inside the Gear Manager.


  • Other: Share application data  –  needed for synchronization with Sony Smartwatch.

Samsung Gear™ App only:

  • Bluetooth – needed to connect with Smartwatch.

Awards / Prizes




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